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Book Review: Balk by Lacy Hart


Wes Martin gave up a career in the major leagues to be with Kristin, the small-town librarian, and the two have been living a happy life in Chandler ever since. That is until spring rolls around, and the familiar itch of spring training makes Wes wonder if he gave up on baseball too soon.

Should Wes stay in Chandler?
Could he make it in the big leagues again?
Would their newly forged relationship survive?

The complications quickly build for both Wes and Kristin – careers, family, friends, relationships, secrets – Is their desire for each other strong enough to overcome it all?

My Review

The story of Wes & Kristin continues in Balk.

Life after retirement seems to get the better of Wes & not openly communicating with Kristin, things start taking a strain on their relationship. They seem to be living life passed each other, with Wes withdrawing somehow.

Then opportunity strikes again and Wes jumps at it, leaving Kristin unsure of how things stand between them.

In book two, we see the ups and downs of relationships. The consequences of decisions made when not thought through properly. The emotions of people living in the same house, barely speaking to each other like they used too. Book two gives you real life experiences of what it takes to maintain a relationship and how important it is to keep communication open and honest in life.

My Rating: 31/2 out of 5

Author: Reading Papillon

Just a girl who loves stories.

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