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Book Review: Forged by Sacrifice by LJ Evans


What would you sacrifice for love?

Leaving his Navy career and his assignment at the Department of Defense behind, Mac Whittaker is ready to join his family on Capitol Hill. He’s just missing one thing―a woman he loves at his side.

He wants the American fairy tale.

Georgie Astrella has put her life’s goals on hold for way too long. She’s finally putting away her cutting shears and curling iron to bury herself in justice and the law.

She certainly isn’t looking for love.

Fate has other ideas… throwing them together until neither of them can walk away from the attraction that thunders across their souls… from the truth of how their hills and valleys fit perfectly together.

But her family’s past would make his future an impossibility.

Will Mac give everything up for her? And more importantly, will Georgie let him?


LJ Evans had me craving this book for months with her teasers and snippets. She did not disappoint.

We are first introduced to Mac & Georgie in Book 1 of the Anchor Series: Guarded Dreams. Both characters are best friends with Eli & Ava, so naturally their paths cross.

The story of Macauley Whittaker & Georgia Astrella is one of sacrifice, hope, family, friendship and the main ingredient; LOVE.

Mac & Georgie go through a series of “What Ifs” in their relationship. Both having concerns about being together. They come from two different worlds that can damage their future if they pursue this.

Both have a fierce love for their family, friends and country. Most of all, they both will sacrifice for the people they love, including their love for each other. Love always prevail.

LJ is a story-teller! This story had you going through emotions. I felt like I was on a roller-coaster, siding with Mac then with Georgie, then screaming and crying with the characters. I have read all of Ms Evans books and I am never disappointed.

This is a highly recommended inspirational romance with a 5/5 rating!


Author: Reading Papillon

Just a girl who loves stories.

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