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Book Review: The Hitman’s Desire: A Mafia Romance (John’s book Book 1)


When you’re almost killed, not once, but twice, finding out your father is a mafia boss doesn’t seem so bad.
What is bad, though, is the feelings I’m trying to hide toward John, my father’s personal assassin.
With his brooding, bad boy aura and intense blue eyes, I know he could command anything from me and I would obey.
His eyes, though sinister, say they want to touch me, to kiss me, to cross that line we know is forbidden.
I feel drawn to him. His presence calls to me like a beacon.
Even though my father took him in and molded him into what he is today—a merciless killer— my father will be even more merciless when it comes to his only heir. Nothing but a brutal and violent death will be waiting for John if my father ever finds out.
But I don’t know if either of us are strong enough to stay away.

(Disclaimer: this is a mature, new adult book with explicit sex scenes and violence. 18+ readers only.)

My Review:

I enjoyed it. Read it in one sitting.

Ruby & John are very protective over each other. They’re both complicated in their own way.

And with all Mafia related stories their has to be some danger. But even this can’t keep them apart. They compliment each other.

It’s a forbidden love story that can’t be kept a secret for long because their emotions give them away.

Author: Reading Papillon

Just a girl who loves stories.

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