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Book Review: KEEPING SECRETS by Weston Parker


My Easter Weekend was filled with some Romantic reads and this was one I wanted to talk about.


It’s no secret that me and love don’t mix.

Not after it schemed to rip my heart out and leave me a single father.

The biggest question I have is what to do with forever now that my wife is gone.

As much as I hate it, it’s time for a break from my famous life.

A year off to spend time with my little girl is what the doctor ordered.

Giggles, smiles, and tons of ice cream for the two of us.

And somehow, the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen runs the ice-cream parlor.

But getting involved isn’t a choice. Not even when my little girl falls head over heels for this woman that’s stealing my every thought.

No matter how much I want to give up everything for the curvy girl that’s rocking my world day and night.

She deserves far more than me, but I’m just selfish enough to want to deny her another lover.

To take up residence in her heart and stay.

It gets even more serious when I find myself playing her fake boyfriend to her uppity mother.

It’s a part I’d love to play daily.

The promise of healing, love, and a big family have me running fast and hard because that same question plays over and over again…

What if fate takes her away too?


I loved this dedication so much that I had to share it with you. 


Do you believe in love after losing the love of your life?

This single dad romance was lovely.  It was so special to see the love he had for his daughter.  Putting her first.  Then he falls for someone, who has not only captured his heart, but has captured his little girl’s heart too.

I loved this little love story.  I loved the way this rock star dad put his daughter’s needs above his own.  I love how he forgave himself for feeling the guilt he did for falling in love with someone else after his tragic loss of his baby mamma.

Tiffeny and Callen definetly tried hard to figure out the pull they had, but they clearly could not resist it.

A lovely little love story that captured my heart and I certainly fell in love with little Winter

four star rating

Yes I recommend this read, especially if you’re into single dad romance.



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