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Book Review: HATE TO LOVE by Sarah Leeann



Mallory Murdoch has found herself in one really long dating dry spell. With a new school year starting, the kindergarten teacher has agreed to let her girlfriends take her out for an end of summer hoorah.

Despite her girlfriends’ ambitious plans for her, she never expected to wake up in an unknown bed, next to a bearded, tattooed bartended who is definitely not her type. Not to mention, he is crude, cocky and fifty shades of irritating.

One night. One night was all it took for Ellis Phillips to bid good riddance to the tiny, prissy, know-it-all, even if he did enjoy giving her the best night of her life.

Unfortunately, fate is a fickle bitch and she has plans of her own.

They say there’s a thin line between love and hate, and that you can quickly go from feeling one to the other.

But what they don’t say, is that the two emotions are so full of passion, that often times you can’t feel one without also feeling the other.

Hate to Love is the second standalone novel in the Quick to Fall series.
Although it is not necessary to read the previous novel in the series to enjoy this one, it is recommended as characters are introduced in the previous novel and are seen in future novels as well.

Hate to Love is a sweet and sexy romance, there is no cheating and has a HEA, it is intended for mature audiences, as it contains adult language and scenes

My Review:

Finished in one sitting!  Loved it!  Loved Ellis!  There was an element of surprise that I loved.  I actually read the blurb again to make sure I didn’t miss it lol.  A one night stand that changes their lives.  He doesn’t think he is worthy of her, she can’t stop thinking about him.  They’re from two different worlds.

Ellis is a down to earth bartender and Mallory is a kindergarten teacher.  They cannot surely be together other than a one night stand.  Fate has other ideas.

It was an easy read, a quick read.  The author had my attention from the beginning.  I like the writing.  Obviously had a happy ever after.  Looking forward to future books by this author

four star rating

Author: Reading Papillon

Just a girl who loves stories.

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