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Book Review: THE GOOD KILLER by Harry Dolan

I was gifted a copy of this book by Jonathan Ball Publishers (@jonathanballpub) for an honest review.



Sean Tennant is at a shopping mall when Henry Alan Keen, scorned by a woman he’s been dating, pulls out a gun and begins shooting everyone in sight.  A former soldier, Sean rushes toward Keen and ends the slaughter with two well-placed shots – becoming a hero with his face plastered across the news.

But his newfound notoriety soon exposes him to the wrath of two men he thought he had left safely in his past.  One blames Sean for his brother’s death.  The other wants to recover a treasure that Sean and his partner Molly stole.  Both are deadly and relentless enemies, and Sean and Molly will need to draw on their strength and devotion to each other if they hope to elude them.

Thus begins a cross-country chase that leads from Texas to Montana, from Tennessee to New York to Michigan, as the hunters and their prey grow ever closer.

My Review:

I quite enjoyed this book.  It’s the first Harry Dolan book I’ve read and I won’t mind reading his other books.

I loved the characters, I love how they all interconnect with each other.  The story behind all of them and why they did what they did.  Who doesn’t love a good car chase across the country.

From stealing to killing. You get to understand what goes on in the minds of the hunter and it’s prey.

Sean is a hero on the run.  It’s great to see how communities react to him when he lands in their town.  Are they on his side?  Are they willing to give him up? You’re kept wondering.

My rating:



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