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Book Review: DEAR SEXY EX-BOYFRIEND by Lauren Blakely

I received an ARC of this book for an honest review


Let me just say — none of this was supposed to happen.

I didn’t expect the letter to go viral. I didn’t think anyone would figure out who Dear Sexy Ex was. And I especially never thought he would find out about it.

Yeah, bit of a miscalculation there.

But see, I need the money to fund my brand new venture. And Dear Sexy Ex, well, it turns out he needs me to save his business.

By becoming his fake fiancée.

Yup, that’s the pickle I find myself in — pretending to be madly in love with the charming, brilliant, and utterly infuriating man known as Dear Sexy Ex.

Only, it’s not an act. And he can never know.

My Review:

Well hell, Lauren Blakely has done it again!

This was one of the best fake fiance books I’ve read in ages. It guaratees a HEA which we all really want in the end, don’t we?

Summer and Oliver are soooooo good together. Their story was lovely. A sweet romance so to speak. I loved these two. I especially loved how they got together. Argh! Social Media is such a bummer – or is it?

Well written, loads of friendly banter from beginning to the end. The dialogue is great. It’s witty, fun and smart. Loved it!

Dear Sexy Ex-Boyfriend is going on 2020’s favourites list for me.

Author: The Reading Papillon

Just a girl who loves stories.

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