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Book Review: UNDER CURRENTS by Nora Roberts

About the book…

The perfect facade can hide dark undercurrents

From the outside, the house in Lakeview Terrace looks perfect and the Bigelows seem like the perfect family. But the perfect facade hides far undercurrents. Teenager Zane and his younger sister Britt, are terrorised by their violent father until one dark, brutal night when their father’s temper takes a horrifying turn for the worse.

Over time, Zane moves on and builds a new life for himself but a childhood like that can cast a shadow the length of a lifetime. Can Zane ever really be free of his past? Or could those dark undercurrents rise back to the surface, forcing Zane to fight for his once again…

My thoughts 💭 💭💭

First! I love Nora Roberts.

This is probably my favourite book of hers.

Trigger warning: domestic abuse and violence

Nora Roberts captures her readers from the moment you open the book. There’s no doubt about that. She’s brilliant!

Darby starting afresh in a new town. After getting a feel of the place she decides this is where she’ll start over.

Zane Walker is one hell of a guy. He’s been through hell and back and he’s come out stronger.

This book is about new beginnings, leaving the old life and starting over. It speaks in detail of violence and abuse from childhood to adulthood. Are we ever free from a past that was filled with violence? Well read Zane’s story and you’ll see that you can come out better and stronger.

Obviously there was romance and suspense rolled into one. You can always find a book of Nora Roberts with a bit of everything in it.

Loved it! Loved it! Loved! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Book Review: HOME TRUTHS by Susan Lewis


Jonathan Ball Publishers gifted me a copy of this book in return for an honest review.


Angie Watts used to have everything. A new home. A beloved husband. Three adored children.

Then Angie’s perfect life is shattered – and it’s up to her to hold the family together.

Her son is missing. Her daughter is looking for help in dangerous places. And it’s getting harder and harder for Angie to keep them safe.

But Angie is a mother. And a mother will protect her family whatever it takes…

Page-turning and emotional, Home Truths is the stunning new novel from the Sunday Times bestseller.


When I finished this book the following sayings came to mind: “Every cloud has a silver lining” & “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”

This was a beautiful story of the love of a mother and the lengths she would go to keep her family safe and together.

From the very beginning I was hooked. I needed to know what happened and why it happened. The book though, started off with a cliffhanger and then went into the life of a mother that is given a really raw deal. She struggles keeping it together.

This book deals with issues of debt, missing children, violence, trafficking of drugs and people. This might be a trigger if you have dealt with issues before. It’s heart-breaking and emotional. As a mother, it hit me to the very core. I was so empathetic of Angie. I kept asking myself if I would be able to go through this as a single parent.

Loved it! If you love emotional books that give you that real life feel, I would recommend this book.