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Book Review: Broken Elite (The Darlington Elite, #1) by Waverly Alexander

I received a free copy of this book via Booksprout and am voluntarily leaving a review.



Everly is lying to me about my sister’s death. I don’t know what she’s hiding, but I’ve made it my mission to break her down until I know every last detail. Our broken pieces will match, and she’ll know the soul-crushing agony I feel when I look at her. I hate that I want her. Unequivocally, the need I feel for her is stronger than I’ll ever be. If she thinks she isn’t still mine, she’s lying to herself, too.

She used to look at me like I was everything to her.
She’ll look at me that way again.
I can promise you that.


My best friend is dead, and I can’t tell anyone her secret. Patrick thinks I’m protecting myself. But really, I’m protecting him. He’s in pain, and knowing I’m the reason is utter torture. The truth will cut him far deeper than losing whatever it is we had. I’ll give him what he needs, even if it means he’ll hate me forever.

He wants to break me.
He’s too late.
My world shattered the day I chose to lie to him.

Includes a happily ever after, but main plot points continue on to the next book in the series. Each book features a new couple in The Darlington Elite world. This book discusses adult themes and is suitable for 18+ readers.

My Review:

The story of Patrick and Everly was an interesting read. It had so much drama. So much angst and also gentleness and love.

But… I was a bit upset when the story ended because it left me hanging and I needed to know what was going to happen next.

I can’t wait for the next installment of this series and hopefully, we’ll learn what happened when this book ended…

On Ice, A Hockey Romance by Trisha Harley Mccarthy

Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of this book for an honest review


Zoe Simmons receives a text on her wedding day. Her fiance called off the wedding. No explanation and he is soon traded to another hockey team, the Detroit Steels. She is devastated and has an emotional breakdown. After a few months she returns to her lonely life. Numb and withdrawn, she throws herself into her work as an assistant to general manager of the NHL team The San Jose Otters. Fast forward three years, The Otters are contenders for the Stanley Cup that include a shocking trade, Killian “Ki” Connery. The man who left her at the altar in humiliation and shame. Another blow comes when her father, Jed Simmons, negotiated the trade of her former fiance without telling her. How will she be able to endure being around the man her heart yearns for but her mind rebels against? Not to mention the scandal that is about to break opening up her private life to further scrutiny by the media?

Killian “Ki” Connery

The woman he loves jilted him at the altar and he is banished to Detroit to play for The Steels. The former star and captain of The Otters is crushed by the betrayal of his love he’s never gotten over. He survives through sheer will power and playing hockey while fighting the underlying demons plaguing him. Jesse Ward comes into his life and they become America’s Sweethearts of the media. Little does Ki know the part Jesse played in his breakup with his true love Zoe.

This story will keep you on your toes with an intense love story, challenges, betrayal and overcoming the odds that love conquers all.

Another great angsty book by Trisha Harley McCarthy, author of the acclaimed Granite Bay Series.

My Review: 4 stars

Wow this book had me in all directions. If there was anything that could go wrong with these two it did. At one stage I thought what in the world could possibly happen next?

With everything that kept happening, I kept wanting to turn the page. Zoe & Killian’s story had me all over the place. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the story.

Drama after drama after drama. Gosh talk about drama getting in the way of love. But, as always love prevails and that’s all that matter.

Trisha kept me wanting to see what’s next. She kept me turning the page.

Book Review: Scoring the Keeper’s Sister by Delancey Stewart

I loved this book. I started with Scoring a Soulmate. I found it easy to read and funny. I couldn’t put it down. I especially loved that they kept doubting Mr. Match. I love that we are interacting not only with the main characters, but with Mr. Match himself.

I was in stitches. I was angry. I cried. I felt what the characters felt. I was apart of this book.

Thoroughly enjoyed the book. Can’t wait to read the rest of the series. I have a feeling this is a series I am going to enjoy.


Soulmates don’t always start as friends. Sometimes they start as enemies. And sometimes they need cheese to help seal the deal…

ERICA:  Signing up for a matchmaking service was not my idea.

But when Andrew-the-Hand-Model dumped me, my brother suggested I try Mr. Match. And I figured it couldn’t hurt. As it was, I’d never get away from meathead moron soccer players (since my brother plays keeper for the South Bay Sharks and I manage PR for the team.) But Mr. Match is a moron too because he matched me with a guy I see at work every day. A guy who has a different girl on his arm at every turn. And a soccer player.

Fernando Fuerte, the “Fuerte Fire,” is one guy I can assure you is NOT my match. 

FERNANDO: Getting girls is not a problem.

Getting girls who care about something besides my status as the South Bay Sharks star striker, my salary, and my social status?

Yeah. That’s the problem. So when my buddy Max tells me he’s actually Mr. Match–the secret proprietor of San Diego’s hottest matchmaking app, I let him convince me to try it. 

And Erica Johnson is not actually a bad match–only she doesn’t seem to agree. And then there’s the small matter of her being in the middle of trying to save the team (and me) when the owner’s ex brings to light some, ahem, unsavory accusations about me…

And then there’s her enormous and disapproving twin brother…

And there’s something about cheese, too. 

But if I have my way? Erica will definitely be my match.